Today i saw in my facebook account the following message:

Please fill in your name in Japanese (refer to table below) and send it to all of your friends including the person who sent it to you to show how crazy it looks...... 

Please delete unnecessary text before you send to keep this list clean... PLEASE PASS IT ON... DON'T SPOIL THE FUN 

PS. I would appreciate it if you called me by my Japanese name in future 

A - ka 
B - tu 
C - mi 
D - te 
E - ku 
F- lu 
G - ji 
H - ri 
I - ki 
J - zu 
K - me 
L - ta 
M - rin 
N - to 
O - mo 
P - no 
Q - ke 
R - shi 
S - ari 
T - s 
U - do 
V - ru 
W - mei 
X - na 
Y - fu 
Z - zi 

I wrote a simple Python script that implements the translation (mostly for fun). You can find it here. Here are some examples for my name (i do not think that works very good though :) at least for my name:

Vassilios - Rukaariarikitakimoari
Basil - Tukaarikita
Vasileios - Rukaarikitakukimoari