I always liked XML. I think it is a great way to learn our computers to speak the same language (even if it is bloated some times).

Recently, i began to like Python as well. And i bought a Mac too :).

How all these are combined? They are combined when you want to use the python-bindings of libxml in Mac OS X. Yeah, i know. Mac OS X's default python distribution has XML but not for XSLT.

You have two alternatives: I'm sick of it. If i choose the first option i must download the source, compile it and then keep somewhere the makefile for uninstall some time (Time Consuming)

The second option is easier. I would install it through the fink command-line tool, and fink would have all the uninstall information, but i would have then two distributions in my system (Space consuming).

I chose the second. Now in my distro you can find two python interpreters python and fpython (aka fink-python). I think i appreciate time after all.