All these years that i avoided C++. I really do not know why ... i was just stuck with Java. Now it is the time for a change.

As part of a metrics tool i'm developing these days i wrote something like that:
#include <iostream>

class Player {
	int health;
	int strength;
	int agility;

	void move();
	void attackMonster();
	void getTreasure();

void Player::move() {
	// empty

void Player::attackMonster() {
	// empty

void Player::getTreasure() {
	// empty

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
	// do nothing
I didn't want to do anything serious just to calculate NPM and wanted just a class declaration. For some reason, i found the syntax very charming. Maybe my friend george has something to do with it. All these lectures about C++ and the templates had done something in my subconscious.