Still remember my first computer, a ZX Spectrum 48K+. After that an Amiga 500 and finally a 486 with 8mb RAM.

I changed many computers and consoles from that time, but i consider my first two pieces of hardware my favorites. I still remember my enthousiasm when i saw Manic Miner, Yie Ar Kung-Fu and West Bank.
I will never also forget Turican I & II and my surprise when i heard my little speccy talking when Jail Break was finished loading.

I was also obsessed with computer music and game music more specifically from the spectrum games. I remember, due to speccy limited memory and sound capabilities, how the game designers try to overcome this problem. In late 80s games had no sound except some blip-blip :). They also tried to overcome this problem with indirect ways. With the package of out-run they gave you a tape with the soundtrack. So to hear the music, you just need a second cassette player.

I really loved these days, and i'm happy that i was around at the time.