It was a saturday morning, i was dressing up to go out. The TV was playing random channels and i accidentally saw the intro of the animated series "The Smurfs". After the intro, i saw the castle of gargamel (the bad guy) and heard the theme of gargamel. It was familiar, surely a classical masterpiece, but i could not remember the composer. I knew that it was a symphony.

The next day i went out for coffee with Dimitris. I told him about it, and he told me that he and a friend of his had the same problem. And they found it. It was Schubert's 8th "Unfinished" Symphony.

Later on, i searched in
wikipedia and found that The Smurfs series was full of classical music, adapted of course to match the needs of a cartoon for children.

What a wonderful way for small children to be introduced into classical music.

The Smurfs is not the only series that had classical masterpieces as part of their OST. Neon Genesis Evangelion makers loved J.S.Bach for example :).