I always had a bad opinion about J2EE. Didnt know exactly the reason, but i always had.

These day, i'm working on a paper with my friend and colleague Giorgos Gousios for SANE 2006. The paper we are working on, concerns garbage collection performance tuning and how it is affecting J2EE application performance.

Among others, i am responsible for the preparation of the benchmark environment. In the preparation process i installed JOnAS, JBoss and geronimo. I liked geronimo and JOnAS a lot to be honest, much more than JBoss, but they all was ok.

For the benchamrking we decided to use RUBiS. And that was when my nightmare began ... i dont know what development and distribution process they follow before a release, but 1.4.3 and the previous that i tested had the following features ... (among others)

Sorry, but making a distribution doesnt mean the execution of tar zcvf distro.tar.gz distro/*. Learn how to do it, or dont do it and provide only a binary version.

I finally installed it, correcting by hand all the errors. What a waste of time!