Have you ever tried to chat with someone? You used ICQ? You did? Wow, that's good ... cause i tried to chat with one of my friends the other day and nothing. It always responded ...

"Cannot Establish connection"

But you know .... i cannot live with this message ... i just sit down and programmed this small program that has only one purpose. CHAT CHAT CHAT. Just put your friend's IP address ... and the right port. Make sure that the other has a copy of the program ,the server enabled and you're ready to blah blah blah.

This program is free. You can take it, copy it, distribute it, delete it, use it etc.
If you like it and want the source, or want me to add a new feature (when i got the time :-p) just mail me.

Latest version is 0.01.

You can download it by clicking here.

You can see a screeshot of the program below: