Easily Install Docker on OS X

I tried recently to install docker on my mac. The problem with the mac port is that it needs a VM that runs linux to properly execute it locally. I found this guide.

In short, it uses a Virtual box image to run the app. The whole process can be simplified by using homebrew. Just execute the following commands on a console:

brew update
brew tap phinze/homebrew-cask
brew install brew-cask
brew cask install virtualbox
brew install docker
brew install boot2docker
boot2docker init
boot2docker up

… then export the three environment variables and you are ready.

Note: The default image size created by boot2docker has only 4GB hard disk space. Make sure that you have all the required parameters in place when you launch your docker instance, since later on it’s a fuss to resize the HD. 🙂
Note 2: I think that docker is a dependency of boot2docker, so you really need to install boot2docker only.


Angels & Daemons

Looking around in wikipedia … saw that and found it very amusing.

In the general sense, daemon is an older form of the word demon. In the Unix System Administration Handbook, Evi Nemeth states the following about daemons:

Many people equate the word “daemon” with the word “demon”, implying some kind of satanic connection between UNIX and the underworld. This is an egregious misunderstanding. “Daemon” is actually a much older form of “demon”; daemons have no particular bias towards good or evil, but rather serve to help define a person’s character or personality. The ancient Greeks’ concept of a “personal daemon” was similar to the modern concept of a “guardian angel” — eudaemonia is the state of being helped or protected by a kindly spirit. As a rule, UNIX systems seem to be infested with both daemons and demons. (p.403)

Saving Hard-Disk Space in a Mac

Today, i was cleaning up the mess in my Macbook pro.

I have the habit to search in my hard drive, searching for unused files and deleting them by hand. I accidentally discovered the ~/Library/Caches, which had almost 6GB of data which i quickly move to trash.

Some of them where still in use, but a quick reboot resolved that dependency also.