PDFs and Preview on Mac OS X

It seems that adobe and apple are continuing on their war efforts on all fronts. Recently I tried to open a pdf and saw the following message:

Nice huh? To be honest, I consider acrobat reader one of the ugliest programs on Mac OS X. So, if I can help it, I will not install it.

Chrome BETA on OS X

Chrome for Mac OS X is here!

Chrome rocks!
Chrome rocks!

But still they have to iron out some bugs.

I'm sure they are going to fix that in the next version.
I am sure they are going to fix that in the next version!

Saving Hard-Disk Space in a Mac

Today, i was cleaning up the mess in my Macbook pro.

I have the habit to search in my hard drive, searching for unused files and deleting them by hand. I accidentally discovered the ~/Library/Caches, which had almost 6GB of data which i quickly move to trash.

Some of them where still in use, but a quick reboot resolved that dependency also.