Lost Treasure of Old-Skool Gaming Found: Saboteur II

Yesterday, I was tidying up my old room and found hidden in a drawer a hidden treasure. It was the manual of an old game that I have bought back in the 80s, Saboteur 2. It was a cool game and I have spent quite some time on it, exploring and drawing maps of the fortress.








In the game you were a female ninja (sister of the guy that was the protagonist in Saboteur) and your mission was to disable a nuclear missile that was located in a fortress and escape.

The game was very addictive and the manual, brought back many fond memories (and the love for my old speccy). For archival reasons I attach the manual (in Greek) in this post. If you want the page in better resolution, just mail me.

Saboteur Manual (Greek) - Page 2
Saboteur Manual (Greek) – Page 2
Saboteur Manual (Greek) - Page 1
Saboteur Manual (Greek) – Page 1









EavesDrop WoW Add-on Fix – Atramedes Sound Power

EavesDrop is a wow plugin that acts as simple combat log that displays events using icons for spells/kills instead of raw text. It seperates incoming events (left side) from out going events (right side) from misc. events (middle).

Since cataclysm, the add-on bugged in Atramedes fight (Blackwing descent), when he used the sound power. The add-on has not updated since 15/10/2010 (before cataclysm), so I took the liberty to introduce a minor fix for this.

Please note that this is a workaround. The add-on will ignore all sound abilities.

Many thanx to Maria, for pointing out the problem and spending her time discussing possible solutions :).

You can download the add-on from http://bkarak.wizhut.com/www/programs/misc/EavesDrop.zip