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Behold, my new blog entry in XRDS: Language Bureaucracy

Laziness, impatience and hubris are the three great virtues that each programmer should have, at least according to Larry Wall [1]. My experience so far showed me that he was right. All programmers have these characteristics, if they do not, usually they are not real programmers. Since they are expressing these values with the usage of several programming languages, they tend to compare them. Usually this comparison ends up with a phenomenon called flame wars …. read more

and a small article I recently wrote and published in LinkedIn: Revenge of the SQL

The mainstream is always under attack. So is SQL and in general the various RDBMS’s that implement its various incarnations. After the golden age of MySQL and the LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) stack, various NoSQL databases appeared, preaching that the data storage as we knew it was coming to an end … read more

I have a few ideas in my drawer and plan to write a few more and revisit some older ideas. Stay tuned.

Top 5 Blog Posts for 2008

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Moving to a new location …

Recently, after a short talk that i had to my friend Dimitris, i decided to use a more sophisticated blogging engine than my hack’n’slash python scripts.

So, here i am, creating a new post here at wizhut, using WordPress.

So, change your RSS feeds, pointing to this website please.

ps. You can find the old blogging site in the right-side menu.