0.55 release (sanity)

You can find the latest release of here.

v0.55 (sanity), bkarak:
* FIXED: ~/ file is now created correctly, when you run the program for the first time
* ADDED: pdf storage support

	Now automatically find and adds to each bibtex entry pdf file that contain the actual document.
	The pdf file is stored in a folder with the bib file's name, in the same directory. For example, the file '/home/bkarak/foo.bib'
	should contain the pdf files in '/home/bkarak/foo'. The pdf file should have as filename the entry's key.

	The generated entry will look like:

	 Title = {Rules of Thumb in Data Engineering},
	 Year = {2000},
	 Author = {Jim Gray and Prashant Shenoy},
	 Institution = {Microsoft Research, Advanced Technology Division},
	 Filename = {[...]/bibliography/reading/2009/june-2009.bib},
	 pdf-file = {[...]/bibliography/reading/2009/june-2009/grsh00.pdf},}
* REMOVED: Optik library removed


Doing my PhD for the last 4 years … i have a big collection of articles (have not read them all :-p … but lots of them):

Macintosh:monitor bkarak$ count
Processed [...]/reading/2008/july-2008.bib ... found 22 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/toplas-survey.bib ... found 12 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/fire.bib ... found 61 entries
Processed [...]/reading/2008/august-2008.bib ... found 7 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/bkarak-publications.bib ... found 17 entries
Processed [...]/reading/2008/october-2008.bib ... found 25 entries
Processed [...]/reading/2008/september-2008.bib ... found 11 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/dsl-biblio.bib ... found 81 entries
Processed [...]/reading/3rdparty/yannis.bib ... found 61 entries
Processed [...]/reading/2008/may-2008.bib ... found 5 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/dsl-biblio2.bib ... found 19 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/full.bib ... found 507 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/ecoop08.bib ... found 40 entries
Processed [...]/reading/2008/april-2008.bib ... found 4 entries
Processed [...]/reading/papers/dds.bib ... found 277 entries
Processed [...]/reading/2008/june-2008.bib ... found 10 entries
Processed [...]/reading/2008/march-2008.bib ... found 13 entries

Total: 1172 entries in 17 files v0.51 – “CKKL”

Today v0.51 of is released. It includes a few bug-fixes my friend Christos discovered.

It should be considered a minor release. It provides better error handling and the new ‘list’ directive, which prints the current repository paths (includes validation).

Check out this page for more details. v0.5

After popular demand (i’m joking ofc), version 0.5 of is out.

It has many bug fixes, and now should work fine in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (and any other system that has a python distribution).

Version 0.5 also introduces a very cool feature, texmode. In this mode, can be instructed to scan a series of LaTeX files and export their citations (\cite{key}).

See homepage for more details. is a simple utility, written in Python. Its purpose is to provide an easy way to search and store all BiBTeX repositories.

Personally, i used most of the programs that do that work, but i wanted a command line (portable also) solution. In addition, i wanted it to be VERY resilient to errors.

So i wrote this as a simple python-based solution, designed with the following requirements in mind:

  • Command-line
  • Portable
  • Resilient to errors

See how easy it is used in a latex build procedure: expfile bib.keys > document.bib
pdflatex document.tex
bibtex document
pdflatex document.tex
pdflatex document.tex

Follow this link for more details.